Host trees

Hosts reported for Hericium species
(a rudimentary compilation; updated 17 March 2019)

Hericium species are opportunistic colonizers of injuries so these lists are representative rather than exhaustive. 

A number of the reported occurrences for Hericium coralloides in North America were changed to Hericium americanum (this is noted when it occurs).

It is a good idea to use caution when equating the recognized species across continents. The published accounts, especially those attempting phylogeny, clearly suggest that work in this area is not yet complete. There is also great need for more Asian, New Zealand and Australian collections to be included in phylogenetic studies.

Corrections or suggestions are welcomed and encouraged.

Occurrence comments

What this is and is not

Hericium abietis

Hericium alpestre see as Hericium flagellum

Hericium americanum

Hericium bharengense

Hericium botryoides

Hericium cirrhatum

Hericium clathroides

Hericium coralloides

list of reports on softwoods or odd hosts

Hericium erinaceus

Hericium “erinaceum”

Hericium erinaceus ssp. erinaceo-abietis

Hericium flagellum

Hericium ptychogasteroides

Hericium rajendrae

Hericium rajchenbergii

Hericium schestunovii

Hericium yumthangense


Molecular work


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