Hericium ptychogasteroides

Hericium ptychogasteroides

[Given as accepted species in Index Species Fungorum. Molecular work not located.]

“? Quercus” “on dead wood” CABI Index of Fungi 2: 311 citing Nikolaeva 1956 Bot. Zh. SSSR 41: 999 (Primorsky Krai in far eastern Russia; Maritime Territory 45.000000°; 135.000000°).

Name means “resembling a folded stomach”. 

Unable to access the original description.  From the Red Book of Russia Plants at Mycology.su:
Fruit body resembled a pincushion.
Teeth covering almost entire surface of fruiting body.
Basidia and basidiospores absent.

Maas Geesteranus made a helpful comment: “In the description, […] Nikolaeva stated that her species is based on an imperfect, i.e. conidiabearing, state. It is difficult, if possible at all, to ascertain to which species the corresponding perfect state would belong, but with Boudier’s plate in mind, H. ptychogasteroides may possibly be thought of as the conidial state of H. erinaceus.”

Stalpers 1996 suggested this name was a “nomen dubium, cf. Hericium erinaceus Bull.” [Nikolajeva, 1956, Botaniceskij zurnal SSSR, 41: 999, LEG] 

Does not appear to have been reported a second time.