Hericium schestunovii

Hericium schestunovii

[Given as accepted species in Index Species Fungorum. Molecular work not located.]

Quercus pedunculata (a synonym for Q. robur) Nikolaeva 1961: 238. (USSR; 55.000000°; 40.000000°).

[Nikolajeva, 1961, Flora plantarum cryptogamarum URSS. Fungi. Familia Hydnaceae 6(2): 238, INV; bas.: Hydnum schestunovii Nikolajeva.]

Hydnum schestunovii Nikol. 1949, Notulae systematicae Instuti cryptogamica Horti botanici Petropolis: 87

Named for the botanist N. Schestunov.

Unable to access the original description. 

From The Red Book of Russia at Mycology.su:

  Said to have fruiting bodies consisting of tiled caps with an irregular semicircular shape.
   Non-amyloid spores.

Does not appear to have ever been reported a second time.