What this is and is not.

What this is and is not

This is simply a list of what host substrates have been reported. It is presently a work-in-progress that will continue to be revised and corrected based on feedback and suggestions.

Organization of the entries is first as a simple list of reported hosts. This is followed by the same set of hosts but with common names, references and collection comments. Collection comments that are broader or have unclear hosts follow that.

An index and cross-listings by-host and by-country/state of occurrence are also planned but those have not yet been completed.

Maybe some day some brave mycological taxonomist will produce a rigorous study leading to a monograph on the Genus Hericium but it is understandable why any sane person would want to steer clear of that nomenclatural morass. 

They say Fools rush in where angels fear to tread. Consider this one fool’s attempted contribution to Hericium lovers everywhere. 

This is part of a larger project that is intended to help those people FIND Hericium species.

In the following list will be found:

Hericium abietis

Hericium americanum

Hericium bharengense

Hericium botryoides

Hericium cirrhatum

Hericium coralloides

Hericium erinaceus

Hericium flagellum

Hericium ptychogasteroides

Hericium schestunovii

Also included are some comments and questions on:

Hericium alpestre & 

Hericium clathroides

It is not my intention to say all of these should be respected or that other taxa should not be. This is just an attempt at creating a framework to work on. Attempts have been made to include notes about divergent opinions, points of confusion, potential errors, questions and unknowns.