What is in our mushrooms?

1 lb of shiitake

What goes into our mushrooms is really simple.

We start with tan-oak (Lithocarpus densifolia) sawdust from the local business Frank’s Firewood.
Frank is in the business of producing and selling firewood but that process creates a lot of great sawdust which is perfect for our needs. Frank refuses to take in any trees that have been killed or treated with herbicides.

Frank's Firewood sawdust from Frank's Firewood sawdust from Frank's Firewood

sawdust from Frank's Firewood
To that is added organic wheat bran and the highest-quality pure gypsum that is considered to be ‘organic’. We are not presently recognized as organic producers but do our best to include only pure ingredients.

When we make spawn, we use organic rye grain. If we order commercial grain spawn it comes from a certified organic producer.


The only other thing that we incorporate in the recipe for our mushroom growing media is the high-quality water from our protected well.

We are taking it one step farther and as of late February 2016 will be using only organic nonGMO dextrose which is derived from grapes and imported from Italy thanks to Naturalia Ingredients and Ciranda. There was so much difficulty locating organic dextrose that we have decided to offer small quantities at reasonable prices to other mushroom producers who are wanting to use entirely organic ingredients.

organic nonGMO dextrose

Lion’s mane are delicate and fragile mushrooms that can bruise easily (compare ours to those from other producers). To minimize handling, and any bruising or discoloration, we carefully pick each individual Lion’s manes using a bakery tissue and gently nestle them together loosely. Most mushrooms, such as shiitakes, don’t require that. Whenever possible all of our mushrooms are harvested directly into their resale packaging. Boxes such as the one below promptly go into refrigeration to ensure you of the longest possible shelflife.

The most important thing we put into the production of all of our mushrooms is a lot of love.

Freshly picked Lion's manes

Freshly picked Lion’s manes

Simple is good.

Hericium erinaceus