Plugging Logs

Plugging logs is nowhere near as efficient as growing mushrooms using spawn bags but it is within more people’s reach. Logs also have an advantage of lasting longer so make a nice complement to our bag production.

Holes are best drilled using a high-speed drill and a stop.

There are a couple of different tools for this.

Shiitake drill (10,000 rpm)

high-speed shiitake drill

high-speed shiitake drill

The Hitachi Koki DW12SA (S) is a specialty tool that was made by Hitachi for the shiitake industry.

It can sometimes be difficult to obtain outside of Japan but Japanese people can help obtain one by serving as a reshipper. A number of people do this as a commercial service. Acquiring it can cost about the same as the price of the drill once factoring in all of the postage. SOMETIMES companies exist which resell this item so it is worth checking if anyone is presently doing this.


High-speed modified drill

high-speed drill using angle grinder

high-speed drill using angle grinder

An angle grinder (10,000 rpm) can be obtained from any hardware store.

An angle adaptor and a drill bit with a stop can be obtained from Field and Forest that will turn it into a high-speed shiitake drill.

That same company also sells this as a complete set including the angle grinder.

This costs in the ball park of the price for the shiitake drill in Japan.


Tools & supplies:

high-speed drill 

bit with stop sized for media choice (the shiitake drill has a built-in stop; drill bits that include stops are convenient). 12mm for sawdust media. 10.5mm for plugs.

inoculation tool for sawdust or a hammer for plugs.

bowl or container to hold sawdust media or plugs while working

wax dauber

wax pot

hot plate

eye protection


metal plant tags

writing implement