Lions mane

Hericium erinaceus 24 October 2015

Cultivated: 167 grams (1/3rd lb.)



Hericium erinaceus 1 November 2015

Wild: 730 grams


We can’t sell wild mushrooms but we certainly do eat them! Part of this one was delicious last night cooked with chicken and vegetables.

And there was another Lion’s mane that was found today (2 November). Harvesting mushrooms such as this one can be potentially dangerous.


I did not manage to bring this one down as a single, 791 gram, piece.


There was another one above it that was easily 30+ feet higher on the tree (so it was safe from me).

Hericium tree

A Chinese adage is good to keep in mind considering Hericium erinaceus eats trees:
Fools and smoke like to climb high

Hericium tree

This is that same tree when I checked it a month ago (5 October)

Hericium tree