24 January 2016

We are clearly fast approaching the point of establishing the maximum production capacity of this fruiting chamber.  The blobby mushrooms are all young Hericium americanum.



24 January 2016

CO2, current temp & humidity 24 January 2016


The CO2 level is still running a little high (650 ppm) but I’m hoping to have that dialed in within the next couple of days by adding a larger vent fan (replacing one of the existing ones – a 4″- with a 7-inch inline exhast fan).

RIght now it is where we want (between 450-500 ppm) only until the chamber gets more than half way full. Preventing the massive spore load from clogging the insect screening has also become a recurrent maintenance task as the accumulation of spores plays a major role in interferring with good air exchange. The air inside of the fruiting chamber is completely replaced with fresh air six times every hour.

Prior five-day max/min temperature on 24 January 2016

Prior five-day max/min temperatures on 24 January 2016